Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My life is a whole lotta awesome.

There are days, when I feel sorry for myself. I'm bummed because I don't have more money. Or I get stressed out because my "to do" list is too darn long. Or I'm frustrated because I feel taken for granted.

Thing is, my life is a whole lotta awesome when I really think about it.

Have I been hurt in the past? Hell yes.

Have I been stepped on and cast aside? Yep.

Have unfair things happened to me, changing the fabric of who I am forever? Absolutely.

But, am I still breathing? Moving? Living? YES.

Do I always find a way to have food and shelter? Warmth? Clean water? YES.

Even in the midst of hurt and pain and anger, have I been loved anyway? Has at least one person let me know that they care and are there for me, no matter what? YES.

I have been given so many gifts. I'm lucky enough to be smart and creative. I've been educated enough to love learning new things, and embrace the chance to think outside the box. Worlds have opened up for me because I've been taught to think critically and logically. I've been loved in spades, so I've never felt completely worthless (at least not for long.) I've been hugged when I've needed it. I've been supported when I just couldn't stand any longer. And my needs, at times, have been put first instead of dead last. I have so many tools... so many advantages to make my life awesome in a way that some people on this planet only dream of and may never realize.

No, my life is not perfect. Sometimes, someone leaves a ding in my car or steals my mail or hurts my feelings. But, overall, my life is a whole lotta awesome. And I am incredibly grateful for it.

This rose colored glasses moment is brought to you by the letters L, O, V and E.


  1. Yes you are Loved and you are very Awesome yourself!!!!



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