Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I'm going to be MIA for a little while. Here's the dealio:

- My parents' wedding anniversary party is this weekend. There is still sooooooo much to do. One hundred cupcakes. Gumpaste daisies. Some sewing. Miscellaneous crafting. Oh, and a surprise that I'm trying SO. HARD. to pull off.

- Taxes. Do I really have to say more than that? (Of course I do.) When you own your own small business and do the taxes yourself, it's a lot more work that just plugging in a couple of W2's and calling it good. But, the good news is that I'm almost done. HOORAY!!! And I have to say that our return is gonna be SWEEEEET.

- I'll be speaking at a paint your own pottery business convention in a few weeks. Websites... how to get one for your small business... what to consider... what you need... what to expect. Can I tell you that it's a little daunting to be considered the "expert" in the room? Even if it IS just for 30 to 45 minutes. I'm jazzed though! It's an opportunity. And who doesn't like incredible opportunities?!

- Before I go speak at that convention, I'm planning on completely reinventing my business. Yes. Really. The name will change. The logo and website will change. The approach will change as well. Different. And in this case, different will not just be good. It will be SPARKLE FANTASTIC CRAZY AWESOME.

There is one change that I've been needing to make in my web development business for the longest time. I need it to be more me. Truly. I was so worried about a fancy business name (that no one can seem to pronounce, incidentally,) making a stellar impression, etc. that I took myself out of the entire equation. That's no good. I'm a down to earth girl. I'm not fancy, but I have a little flourish in me. I need to embrace that... and show it.

So, wish me luck getting all this done in a VERY limited amount of time. I might have a post here or there, but for the most part, I will be busy making my life a little different. A little better. A little more me.



  1. "SPARKLE FANTASTIC CRAZY AWESOME" I think that should be your new business name!

  2. awesome! that's a lot on your plate, but it's a good lot on your plate. have fun and good luck!


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