Monday, April 25, 2011

Update #4 with more random-liciousness!

Business first:

- Project "Take over the web world" is well under way! I did my new company logo. *insert smooshy heart here*

- My new business cards should be here tomorrow. *squee* I'm in love with them... as much as you can be in love with a 2 x 3 1/2 inch piece of printed cardstock. Wanna see?



Yes... I'm really putting my info on the internets for all the world to see. The point IS to take over the whole web world, remember?

- I'm still working on the website. Websites take a long time. I'm praying that I get this up in time. *big ol' sigh*

- I have a lot of client work to do, too. I'm grateful for it. But, it turns up the pressure to get it all done.

Everything else:

- Easter was practically a non-holiday for us. The boys were with their bio-mom. Things were really low key. Our noon Easter dinner consisted of Burger King.

- Ella and Macey did the egg hunt thing... with plastic eggs. No dyed eggs this year.

- In my defense, I was still battling the sick this weekend. According to the doctor, I have/had a really, REALLY nasty sinus infection. Apparently, she was surprised my entire face didn't fall off.

- I feel better. Kinda. Mostly. Sorta.

- I have now seen Tangled 7 times.

- I think I put some Kleenex executive's kid through college with my tissue consumption. And killed half a forest of trees.

- There goes Earth Day.

- We're having Italian sandwiches for dinner. THANK GOODNESS for easy meals on Mondays!

- Today, I put makeup on for the first time in over a week. Good thing I'm at peace with my makeup-less self, huh?

- I need a cough drop.

Love and smooches,

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  1. Yay, yay, yay for you taking over the world! I LOVE the business cards. :)


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