Friday, April 15, 2011

Update #2 - Random-licious

I'm sure you're incredibly surprised to hear that my mind is scattered all over the place, much like my neighbor's knocked over trash can. *Spill* Pfffft. *sigh*

- I will NOT be making burlap kid-capture bags to contain other people's children until I have my very own set of 4 finished up. For reals. Why in the world would I plan burlap capture bags for other people's children when mine are clearly running around all willy-nilly? (see the comment from yesterday's post in case you wondering if I've gone mental with this statement.) But, as soon as I'm done making my very own burlap kid-capture bags, I will be happy to take orders. Well, except for Laura, who will get a FREE SET because it was her idea... and she's awesome sauce and stuff. YAY for kid capture! Because all that running around is just annoying.

*side note: Laura, please send me your children's measurements for their custom burlap kid-capture bags. I want to make sure they have enough room for stuff like breathing. Thankyouverymuch.

- Can you tell that I haven't slept well? I bet you could.

- Ella has watched more television in the last 48 hours than should be allowed by law. I'm pretty sure that an anti-childhood tv advocate is going to come knocking on my door sometime today. And then she'll berate me and call me a terrible mother. And then, I think she'll see that SpongeBob SquarePants is on in our house, watch 30 seconds of it, and get hooked to the point of zombie tv watching. Truly, people. SpongeBob is like crack. Who can say "NO!" to a bright yellow, perpetually happy kitchen sponge? I mean... REALLY?

- Can you tell that I haven't slept well? I bet you could.

- I have a long list of more 40th wedding anniversary-ish stuff to do today. Is it a bad sign that the easiest thing on my list is making 100 cupcakes?

- Are my priorities out of whack considering that my biggest priority before the party tomorrow is coloring my hair? I got roots, folks. It's not pretty. And I refuse to let people who haven't see me in a decade or more see my roots. Mostly because they might figure out that I've gone a know... grey. *gasp*

- Can you tell that I haven't slept well? I bet you could.

- I want to be a ninja when I grow up.

The end.


  1. Libby is a size "wants to be a teenager sheerly through snark" Joey is a size "I don't listen to you lalalalalalla" and Teej is a size "cute but I'm trouble"

  2. i NEED me some of those kid capture bags! one for a four year old and one for an eight year old please!


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