Monday, June 13, 2011

I must be stopped.

First of all, I have a killer headache. So, please excuse any possible ridiculous ramblings/mispellings/general not-making-much-sense-edness that might occur. Thank you. :)

My sister got engaged over the weekend. I'm SO. EXCITED. for her and her fiance. And you know what? I'm also excited for me. Why in the world would HER engagement be an exciting thing for ME? Because I love a wedding. I love to decorate. I love to dream and plan and... and... and... You get the picture. The idea of helping with her with a wedding is making me downright GIDDY. A wedding, you guys! A WEDDING!!! *ahem*

This is the embarassing part of this blog entry. I already started a Pinterest board just for wedding ideas. Even though I completely realize that I'm not the one getting married. Yes, it's sick. Yes, I must be stopped. Sister o'mine, I apologize. I cannot help myself. Perhaps pinning like a mad lady will contain the crazy and result in fewer calls to you that start, "Oh, Sister... I just saw this truly FANTABULOUSLY AWESOME idea!"

I hope she leans on me for help and advice and such. If not, I won't be offended. (Yes, I promise.) But, I want her to have a wedding that may be small (per her & fiance's wishes, of course), but lovely and meaningful and the kind of day that leaves her smiling long after she says, "I do."

Congrats, Carey and Aaron! You two rock the casbah.

And... *squeal* a WEDDING!!!

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