Thursday, February 10, 2011

life is messy... and awesome.

I love a good mess. I'm convinced that every time Ella leaves crumbs on the bench in the dining room, an angel gets it's wings.

If you're not as cool as we are, and the mess bothers you, just be glad I didn't take a picture of the floor.

There must always be a sticky peanut butter knife in my sink... right next to the sandwich carcass and sippy cup.

Doesn't everyone keep their sock monkey pajamas on the floor? Macey sure does. It's a household rule.

Ella follows strict protocol and keeps her pink and green frog pajamas on the floor, too. Of course, they must be right next to the random pillows and toys. But not next to the tea party set. That old thing? It never gets any floor time like the lucky pajamas do.

You're exactly right. In addition to a pajamas on the floor policy, we also dictate that beds must remain unmade. And nightstands must be cluttered with things like a roll of paper towels, a Valentine's Day teddy bear and, of course, a hamster ball looking thingie. (We don't own a hamster.) Thank goodness Carter and Cole are following the rules! Good job, boys!

We must also leave all hobbies out on horizontal surfaces. I wonder what hobby involves an erector set, string, scissors, and a tiny yellow plastic surf board? Any guesses?

Our kids love rules. Especially the one in which we require them to leave random, empty plastic bags near the computer. You know... next to your crane and volcano making kit. That's just how we roll. Yo.

I would just like to go on record to cement the notion that *I* am the supreme rule follower in this household. Office envelopes? Check! Laser stud finder thingie? Check! Tiny stuffed animals that probably came from a Happy Meal? Double check! I mean, how else would I ever find anything if all these treasures were *gasp* put away?!

This snarktastic post is brought to you by the letters "L", "A", "Z" and "Y".

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  1. Ok, I know you were being snarky, but I gotta say, you're the only person I know who could make crumbs on an ottoman look cool.


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