Saturday, February 5, 2011

little things

Sometimes, the smallest of things makes me happy. A really good movie. Finding my favorite hair product on sale. Holding hands. Lots of little things.

One BIG thing that has made me soooooo happy as of late is a brand new chore chart for my kids. At ages 12, 10 and 10, the "big kids" are absolutely old enough to do a lot around here... as they should. Because I'm the self-proclaimed "Queen of Fair", I try my best to make everything as equitable as possible when it comes to work around the house. So, we needed a chart.

But, here's the thing. If I'm going to hang a chart in my house, it has to look nice. I didn't really want to have some laminated thing on my wall. And I hated the idea of the chore chart being a piece of paper that just gets thrown up on the fridge. It needs to be IMPORTANT... because it IS important.

So, I bought this:

I dry erased to my heart's content. I drew careful, but still crooked, grid lines. I came up with chore titles. I planned who would do what on what day, making sure that no one got the lion's share of the work and that their jobs didn't coincide with each other. But it sure didn't look very pretty. Bummer. I couldn't leave it that way.

One cute Dollar Tree vinyl decal and a bunch of black, 1/4" vinyl strips later, I had a chore chart that was pretty, practical and wasn't accidentally erased all the time. It's all about the little things. Who would think a neater, prettier chore chart would make me so stinkin' happy?


  1. The vinyl strips make everything look so crisp!

    (And I gotta ask: do you -- or someone in your house -- really dust every day? That's a... shall we say... infrequent endeavor around here. :))

  2. HA! Yes. Believe it or not, we dust every day. But keep in mind that the kids are not exactly meticulous, so results may vary. ;)

  3. Meticulous or no, it's much more impressive than "whenever we realize that the image on the TV has become blurred."


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