Saturday, February 12, 2011

t shirts and valentines and sandwiches, oh my

Saturday has been good. Valentine's Day has been the focus. I spent the afternoon doing this:

And this:

Blatantly ripping off this*.

And then putting this Valentine** together in Illustrator:

I'll print it off on cardstock tomorrow. I would rather make a Valentine this year. Maybe it's because I'm scared of the last minute greeting card crowd? Probably.

Then, I roasted this in the oven:

And sauteed these:

So that we could eat these***:


Today was a good day.

*For the record, I ripped off this design. The original is here. Note to the Toddland people: I would have absolutely bought one of your delightful t-shirts if you sold them in XXL. But you don't. So, I had to do the best rip-off job that I could muster because the love of my life had his heart set on one. And I wasn't about to let him be disappointed on Valentine's Day. So there. And again, for the record, I'm NOT selling them. So, please don't sue me.

** I ripped this idea off, too. Big surprise, huh? I saw this card, and loved it. But, a lot of those "loves" did NOT apply to us. So, I made my own, with my own "loves." Am I going to copyright hell? I'm NOT selling them. So, please don't sue me.

*** Cripes. I ripped off this sandwich, too. The Loft (company cafeteria) at Collective Brands/Payless had this as their sandwich special one day. It was yummy, but not rocket science. So, I make it now and again. Loft, I'm NOT selling them. So, please don't sue me.


  1. Your pics look awesome and I am jealous of your craftiness!

  2. A roasted asparagus sandwich? Very intriguing...


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