Tuesday, January 25, 2011

needing prayers, mojo, vibes or whatever you've got

Rhett got a call today. He's a finalist for the job with the insurance company/brokerage services firm. There is only one other person in the running. Rhett goes in at 10:00 am tomorrow morning to meet with the president of the company, and we have no idea when the other interview is or when we'll receive the final word.

On one hand...

- I'm SOOOOO excited for him! *squee*
- I can't get over the fact that these folks have been so good about the application and interview process. Truly, there has been no red tape and no BS at all! Their efficiency with all of it has been downright inspiring!
- This would mean we could have health insurance the very first day he walks in the door for work!
- He would get the chance to work doing graphic design, which is what he wants more than anything else in the entire world. He's been focused on other things (like web technology and such) for so long, and this would give him the chance to do what he loves. Graphics, graphics, and more graphics.

On the other hand...

- I'm so nervous I can hardly stand it. No. Seriously. My anxiety about it all is through the roof. I'm honestly thinking about breaking out the Ativan. It's that bad.
- This is one of those situations in which I have absolutely NO control at all whatsoever, and I have to just trust that the Universe is going to do the right thing for us.
- Have I ever mentioned that I HATE not having any control at all whatsoever? I like to have a say in the outcome of really important things in my life. So, the uneasy, watch on the sidelines feeling just... well... it sucks.

So, this is the part in which I ask for prayers, good mojo, vibes, or whatever you've got for me. I want so much for all this unemployment stuff to be OVER with. I want to know when the next paycheck is coming. And if we're going to have to move. Or if we get to stay in this house that I've grown to love so much. And all the stuff that comes with a big life change. I want the stress to melt away. I need stability.

Dear God/the Universe/whoever is in charge:

First of all, thank you for taking care of us thus far. During this ordeal, we've always had food to eat, a roof over our heads, and lots of people loving and supporting us. If you could, please let Rhett land a job that he'll love and will help him feel creative and vital again. Please help all this happen sooner than later because the anxiety and stress is becoming just too much.

Thank you,

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