Monday, January 17, 2011

okay. i lied.

Pictures tomorrow? Nope. Pictures tonight? Hell yeah!

But first, a quick explanation of the curtain debacle. I had three panels of hot pink blackout curtains that I got for a song (the panels were too short, and I was planning to use the third to lengthen them.) I got them home and was having serious reservations about all that hot pink next to lime-y green walls. What the hell was I thinking?! So, when I have reservations about something, I decide to jump in head first and spend a bajillion hours on it AND make it incredibly complicated (piecing and ruching and ruffles, oh my!) That should make everything better, no?

Long story short, I made curtains that I absolutely hated. They were WAY too heavy looking for the room. But, the ruching thing was so purdy! So, I took the lemons that I'd given myself and made lemonade. I whipped up this ridiculously enormous floor pillow out of a portion of the curtains. You better pat me on the back for getting a photo of this sans toddler because I literally had to wrestle it away from Ella for 2 minutes in order to take a picture of it.

You can get a good idea just how big this sucker is when you compare it to the closet door in the background. It's big enough to be a very foofy dog bed for Clifford the Big Red Dog. Seriously.

Below is a photo of one of the two new curtain panels (the second panel is *almost* done and just needs one more ruffle to be finito.) Thank you, Walfart for selling me two twin flat sheets for a total of exactly $8.00. Add some ruffles from stashed fabric, and we were golden! Much, much better. *phew* And yes, I realize that they still look like flat sheets, but I was definitely going for a super long, super flow-y-ish look, and the sheets give me that look on a seriously low budget.

And just to give you an idea of where Ella's room is headed, here is a photo of my fabric stash that is to be used to make her a quilt.

I LOVE this fabric. For reals and for true. It makes me swoon. I think it's going to make a kick butt quilt, despite the fact that I'm going to take the easy route and make a tied quilt with a super simple block pattern. How can you look at those colors and not be at least a little bit happy? I dare you. Look, and then DON'T smile. Can you do it? I didn't think so. :)

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