Monday, January 10, 2011

the plan of ATTACK

So, how am I actually going to go about grabbing all this happy I keep talking about? Good question. Hmmm....

At the moment, my big master plan is to do at least one thing every single day that I think might give me a little piece of happiness. Today, I will meditate for a full 15 minutes, completely uninterrupted. (This is code for "the 3 year old is down for a nap and I've threatened the older kids within an inch of their lives NOT to knock on my bedroom door.") I will light a candle, which seems to work best for me. I will find my happy, peaceful place deep down inside.

And after that, I'm making caramel popcorn. Oh YEAH, baby! If I can't manage happiness in a little bit of caramel popcorn, then my soul might as well be dead.

After I'm done with both activities, I will come back here and blog about the results. Cross your fingers for me. Bring on the happy!

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