Friday, January 28, 2011

this morning

This morning, I woke up with a killer headache. As the reality of getting up to fix school lunches, take the dog outside to poo, and feeding Ella breakfast loomed over me, I muttered to Rhett, "I'll give you a hundred bucks if you let me sleep in." I would have offered a thousand bucks if we had it. And, sweetly, he let me sleep for free. And I slept until 8:30 am. And then, he gently woke me up, and my headache was gone. That was a nice way to hit the "rewind" button and start over again.

At this very moment, I'm sitting here avoiding the work that I get paid for... web development. I need to stop goofing off and get to work already. There is money to be made! And clients to satisfy! And all I have to do is refill my coffee cup, turn on my iPod, and GET. TO. IT.

Truth be told, my iPod has been blasting away for a while already. This song came up in my playlist, and I had to share.

I love this song. I love this version. New beginnings. Fresh starts. Being bold. I want to be bold.

Rhett's new job isn't just an opportunity for him. It's an opportunity for our entire family. It feels like a fresh start for all of us, really. We now have some stability again. We have a better foundation in which to build our future upon. And selfishly, this gives me the chance to figure out MY next move.  Do I expand my business? Do I pull out all the stops to become a *gasp* professional blogger? Do I take classes somewhere and learn something entirely new that makes my heart sing? The options and opportunities are wide open. I can be bold... if I have the guts.

I'm excited for this new chapter. Truly. I feel like it's going to be GREAT.


  1. (I think it's org...look for the turtle in the logo) did a post in the last couple weeks about the challenges of blogging professionally, and I think some prior posts with ideas and tips for making income from a blog. Might be a good source of info, or a starting point at least.


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