Thursday, January 13, 2011

sometimes, practical = happy

A couple of weeks before Christmas, we decided to redo/repaint Ella's room from a dark-ish taupe color to a more lively light green. Thankfully, she is IN LOVE with the color. Color win! Our plans included finding tons of cute (and super cheap) fabric to make her curtains, a new quilt, and some accessories to go with her freshly painted room. Needless to say, I've totally dropped the ball on this one. I could give a million excuses ("Hey, it was Christmas!", "I had to work a lot!", "My fingers were too cold to sew!") but it would all be a bunch of bologna.

Thing is, Ella's pretty much stopped napping since a week or so after her walls were repainted. My guess is that it's just too darn bright in there without some sort of light filtering curtains. And because I really need to get moving on this project, I've deemed it a dire necessity to sew those curtains. Like... TODAY. So, I'm raiding the stash of carefully coordinated fabric and am going to hopefully hit the ground running. I have a feeling that the practicality of room darkening curtains might help Ella Bella nap, and in turn, help Mommy's mood tremendously. (What parent doesn't want their toddler to nap?!)

So, that's my project for today. Pictures and such to follow. It's been a while since I've done much sewing, so cross your fingers for me. I'm gonna need it!

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