Friday, March 11, 2011

Awesomely random

It's Friday. My brain is only working on 50% power at the moment. Heck, I might be lucky to hit 30% at this point. Sounds like the perfect opportunity for a random post! (Please, contain your excitement.)

- Does it make me a bad mother if I can remember every measurement and detail of my favorite buttercream recipe, but I have to stop and think about my children's birth dates?

- I bought a good friend a tiny token of my appreciation today. I cannot WAIT to mail it. :)

- My monthly invoicing finally got done today. I hate invoicing with a passion. You would think that as a business person who wants to get PAID for what I do would LOVE invoicing day. Nope. Hate it. But, I did it. And I had a GREAT month. Note to self: save a bunch of that money, girl. Lean times are always around the corner. Always.

- Please keep in mind that, because I work part time, my idea of a super great month is really not all that much money. Just thought I'd state that for the record.

- The kids didn't have school today. I got to sleep until 7 am. Well... kinda. Rhett got up at 6:15, and I lay comatose for another 45 minutes. It was really nice. And then it got even a little bit nicer when someone very small and sweet climbed up into the bed to wake me up. "Momma, you're the best." Who wouldn't want to wake up like that?!

- At this very moment, I'm in the middle of making a cake for a dear friend. Just a quick covering of fondant, and I will be done for tonight. Tomorrow? Gum paste gerber daisies and all the finishing touches. Then... PARTY!

- Today was absolutely beautiful. The kids spent lots of time outside. At the very least, it was good for their souls. Poor babies have been so cooped up for so long!

- I broke out the capri pants and ROCKED THEM like the soccer-ish mom that I am. Yes, I realize that they are often considered a fashion no-no, but I cease to care. You should just be glad that I don't have mall hair anymore.

- I love Scooby Doo.

The end.


  1. As you already know, we are capri soul sisters. :D Send some of that beautiful weather this way please!


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