Friday, March 18, 2011

Random Fridays

Well, I wrote a ridiculously random post last Friday. Nobody complained. So, I'm going to make it a regular thing. Well, and mostly because by the time Friday comes around, my brain is fried. They should really just name it "FRIED-Day", don't you think? So... on to the random!

- My migraine is gone... replaced with a dull headache. But dude, I can totally handle a dull headache. NO PROBLEM. It's like the difference between a paper cut and a gaping chest wound. Migraine = super bad. Dull headache = meh.

- Ella's napping strike has officially ended. She is actually in the next room, SLEEPING. *doing the happy dance, shakin' my groove thaaaaang* Oops. I bet you really didn't want that mental image, huh?

- I just ate a Reese's peanut butter egg. Ssssshhhhh... no one else knows. And actually, I lied to the kids and told them that they were for someone else. By someone else, I meant "not you."

- I've totally stopped going into my older kids' rooms. It's just too depressing. And it makes me angry. And then I get all yell-y. So, it's just better that I shut the door and pretend that they all subscribe to the idea "a place for everything and everything in it's place." Yes, it's a delusion that I'm completely comfortable with.

- In a few hours, my mom is coming to get the girls. She called me this morning to offer her weekend-long babysitting services. (I LOVE YOU, MOMMA!) Then, tomorrow afternoon, the boys are supposed to go visit their bio-mom for an entire week... being spring break and all. I love my children. Really. I do. But, I could not possibly be more excited about a little time away from them.

- I'm going to talk Rhett into going out to dinner Saturday night. And maybe a movie. I don't care how crappy I feel. Hell, I don't care if I'm bleeding out the eyeballs. WE. ARE. GOING. I'll just pack extra tissues in case of the bleeding eyeball thing.

- (in my tiniest, wee, whisper-ish little voice, so as not to jinx myself) I'm done working for the day. I have nothing else in my email box. So, I'm totally going upstairs to vegetate on the couch and watch stuff on the DVR that Rhett absolutely can't stand to sit through. (He loves me, but a man has to have his limits ya know.)

Happy weekend, folks. :)

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  1. Happy weekend to you too! Sounds like you've got a great one lined up (assuming you can avoid the bleeding eyeball thing ;)).


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