Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tutus, Facebook and OUCH.

This post is going to be as random as it gets, folks. For reals. RANDOM.

* Last week, we let Ella go to the store like this:

I have to win at least a few cool mom points for a tutu and tiara in a public place, right? And no, we've never let her watch "Toddlers and Tiaras". And for the record, she only owns 2 tutus and 4 tiaras. Crap. I guess this is our fault, huh?

This crazy chick-a-dee, when asked to pose for the camera, insisted that I take a picture of her back side. According to her, "It's more INTERESTING, Momma." You know. With the "Gah, Mom. You're soooo out of touch" look attached. I hope that isn't going to become a trend. Otherwise, y'all are going to see a lot of her butt.

* Tomorrow is Carter's 13th birthday. *gulp* He's already crossing over into moody teenager territory, so in some respects, the day will be a formality for the start of his teenage years. His big rite of passage? Joining the masses on Facebook. *double gulp* Yep, we're those uncool parents that don't let our kids join Facebook until they can honestly answer the question, "Are you 13 yrs. or older?" We have lots of rules about it. He MUST "friend" us. We MUST have the password to his account and reserve the right to check his account if we feel like we need to (which Carter understands is completely up to us.) And if we see anything questionable on there (nekkid pictures, stuff that reminds us of the Trenchcoat Mafia, etc.), then we have the right to close his account. Man. Am I ready for this teenager stuff?

* I cut my finger REALLY badly with a serrated knife a day and a half ago. Damn super crusty (super delicious) artisan bread! It's dangerous stuff, I tell you! There should be laws.

Anyway, the cut is on the tip of my index finger, really close to the nail bed. It's in a place where stitches would be nearly impossible. So, I went to Walfart and picked up some of that fancy liquid bandage stuff. IT. IS. AMAAAAAAAZING!!! It's basically one step down from Super Glue. It literally glues the wound shut. So awesome! The only downsides? It burns like a b-i-t-c-h when it penetrates down into the cut. And it smells like fake bananas. And now that my cut is stuck together, I don't have a good excuse to get out of dish duty. But, truth be told, I think those are downsides that I can absolutely live with.

That's all I've got for now. Happy Tuesday, my friends. :)


  1. I think the back-facing photo is awesome. Ella has creative vision!

    I think your rules with Carter are excellent. I really worry about unsupervised facebook usage with kids because they don't seem to understand how public things are and what is appropriate to share. Be sure to go in and change his privacy settings to friends only, not friends of friends for everything - photos, posts, etc.

  2. Good luck with Carter. I'm having lots of fun with my 13 year old, lol! Also, that liquid skin stuff is amazing! We use it all the time. But it does sting really badly at first and I also think it has a particular smell too but never associated it with bananas! Now I'm going to have to smell it again. I use it a lot on hangnails after I trim them close.

  3. Fake bananas? Weird!

    And for what it's worth, I always think it's great when I see little kids out in the world wearing outfits they CLEARLY picked out themselves. :)


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