Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I have plans.

Plans, people! I have plans!

Today is going to be busy. I have a metric poo ton of things that I want to get done. However, I'm not sure exactly how many of those things will get accomplished.

So, what's on the menu? Weeeellllll, someone I really like asked me to put together a tutorial for making paper flowers (two different kinds.) I think it would be fun! So, I've got to get my act together. But, the biggest thing on my "To Do" list is to figure out how to finish a table for my... NEW CRAFTING SPACE. *squeal* Yes, I'm taking over part of the basement and giving myself a new-ish office/craft space. It will be ALL MINE!!! *evil cackle* Can you tell that I'm just a wee bit excited? I've been trying to plan it out over the last week or so. I already have shelving, two desks (we're a multi-desk household), and a bunch of storage containers. And over the weekend, Rhett and I made a table base out of galvanized pipes that is A-W-E-S-O-M-E. (No worries... there will be pictures.) I've just got to figure out a table top for all that galvanized deliciousness. So, long story short, I'm going to try to make as much progress today as possible because I don't have an enormous work load today.

Dear God/Universe/Whoever is Large and in Charge:

Please help me be productive today. Please let Ella be GOOD. Please let me come up with good ideas and have the energy to carry them out. And please help me leave the box of Ding Dongs that is hanging out in my pantry ALONE.



  1. There are no dingdongs in your pantry. I ate them all. Do not even go searching for them since I have replaced them with the most bland food that you could possibly think of.
    love, meggo

  2. And I am wafting happy toddler fairy dust over Ella so you can get stuff done. All else fails, Dora works wonders!


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