Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Forty years

Recently, I put together a little invite. It looks like this:

First of all, Mom... I'm talking to you. Breathe deep. I changed all the info on the invites so that we won't have all the internet stalkers in the world showing up to your anniversary party. And I changed the RSVP info. And I even changed the last name. So, relax, okay? (Can you tell I know a couple of things about my mom?)

These are the invites for my parents' 40th Wedding Anniversary party. Oh. My. Forty years? How is that even possible? Well, I know that it's POSSIBLE, but I don't know a lot of people these days that stay together for 40 years. Truly. It's an incredible accomplishment. Or a freak of nature. Whichever.

My parents have taught me a few things about their relationship, and relationships in general. Here's what I think I know:

1. You have to be willing to overlook some of the most glaringly obvious faults in your partner. They are good people, but neither is even close to perfect. Just like most people, they are each a collection of neuroses. Putting up with your own neuroses is tough enough, but add someone else's quirks to yours? That can pretty much be an invitation to crazy town. But, somehow, they handle it. Good, bad, indifferent, they make it work. God bless them for it.

2. After you've been together for 40 years, at times, the need to communicate with words seems to practically vanish. My parents now have the innate ability to shoot a shockingly brief look at their partner and communicate at least 500 carefully chosen words to the other. You know... with just that one look. It's crazy. It's weird. We're lucky that government scientists haven't kidnapped them and done studies on this strange but cool phenomenon. Spoooooky, I tell you.

3. Even in really tough times, somehow, some way, there is fierce love between those two crazy kids. They aren't the kind of folks that just stayed together for my sister and my benefit. Oh no. They are in love. Each is the other's soft place to fall. Good times or bad, it doesn't matter. They stick together like Gorilla Glue.

Happy (belated, but soon to be celebrated) Anniversary, Mom and Dad. Love you. :)


  1. i so get the worried mom about the internet reference. i have a mommma like that.....or not. ;) happy anniversay to your folks!!!!

  2. Happy Anniversary to them! Your invites are beautiful.

    My parents celebrated their 25th in the fall and I was so happy for them. Because it wasn't just "because", as you said-they were very much stuck like Krazy Glue. ('Cause we iz krazy in this house.)


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