Thursday, March 17, 2011


The last couple of days, I've had a migraine. The never ending, soul crushing, nausea inducing kind of migraine that only medication, caffeine and sleeping in dark rooms seem to cure. Thing is, despite the usual tricks, it just isn't going away. Ugh.

On top of the migraine, I've had a bad case of the sads. And the panics. There's been more Ativan taken than I'd like to admit. There's been very little parenting on my part. There's just been survival mode. It will all have to just be good enough for now. The heavy parental lifting will have to wait for a while. In the meantime, it all feels like chaos.

If I had one wish for myself, it would be that today, I find some peace. Peace from the migraine. Peace from the depression. Peace from the anxiety. Peace from the crazy kids that keep showing up to my house and calling me "Mom."  Peace. Pretty please?

Oh, and if I could be granted a second wish, it would be that Ella takes a damn nap. If there is any justice in the Universe, today, Ella will nap so that *I* can have a nap. Because I HAVE to get rid of this migraine soon. Really. HAVE TO. Please and thank you.

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