Thursday, March 31, 2011


I feel terrible today. I ache all over. My throat is sore. No amount of hot tea or HGTV home decorating shows seems to be helping. For the last 45 minutes, though, my sweet Ella has been playing quietly in her room. Aaaaahhh... sweet ladybug. I love her. It's so thoughtful of her to let Mommy rest for a little while! My sweet baby girl.

See how cute is she?!

This is an outtake from our Christmas card photoshoot. She's so adorable, she should be ILLEGAL. I mean... look at that face! My little sugar booger. Sweet, precious angel.

She constantly makes us laugh. Here she is with her heiny-ho hanging out. Putting on your own panties can be TRICKY BUSINESS, I tell you! So, cute. I could just eat her with a spoon! Nom... nom... nom...

After a lovely bit of time with my tea and my tv, trying to get my feeling better on, I went in to check on my little bunny princess poo. So sweet. I opened the door and saw this:

Ummmmm... really? Princess POO is right.

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