Thursday, March 24, 2011

Nutella is awesome.

Before last July, I'd never eaten Nutella. Never. I know. The thought sounds positively BLASPHEMOUS to people who are familiar with this hazelnut chocolate spread. If God could be bottled up in a package of sunshine and light, I choose to think he'd want to be in a jar of Nutella. Yes. It's that good.

Now, if you know me well, you fully understand that I have a lot of ideas. (I can feel my husband rolling his eyes right. this. minute.) Some of them are terrible... real stinkers, I tell you! Some are just plain crazy cakes. But once in a while, a really good idea emerges. It's the kind of idea that feels like the Universe handed me a heaping tablespoon of awesome. (Well, because it DID.) And when that idea involves Nutella, I'm double sure that other people will share in my enthusiasm.

Get this:

A hot, flaky biscuit   +   Nutella   +   strawberries   +   bananas   =   the world just got a little better.

To some, this combo probably sounds mighty strange. Or, if you hate any one of these ingredients, you might find this suggestion downright offensive. But, if you're lucky enough to like all these foods on their own, things might never be the same for you ever again. From here on out, you'll be plagued with a serious craving for these little babies. Good luck with that. *wink*


  1. You tease!

    I am SO having this for breakfast tomorrow. In fact, I may just actually get UP for breakfast tomorrow. You're brilliant.

  2. My husband usually has flour tortillas in the house, so I'll spread Nutella on one half, peanut butter on the other, and fill it with bananas if I have any.

    When I visited Paris I pretty much lived off of cheap street food, which 90% of the time ended up being crepes with Nutella. So yum.

    Also, I read on the interwebs somewhere that you can use a recipe for peanut butter cookies but substitute Nutella for the PB. I haven't tried that yet but I'm willing to bet that it works really well.

  3. Mmmmmmmmmmmm.

    AND I do know Nutella. Dutch best gal was horrified in high school that I'd never heard of it. In her house, it takes the place of peanut butter, and has since she was a kid. I did NOT however, knot that it was made by Ferrero. Aha! It all makes sense now! *drool*

  4. I've had crepes like that! yum.


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