Thursday, May 5, 2011

Busy is a GOOD thing!

I'm not entirely sure I can write a well composed post. So, I'm going to get all bullet-pointy on y'all and fly by the seat of my virtual pants!

- The paint your own pottery mini-convention was great in so many ways! I got a chance to speak to some studio owners who were really needing some advice on their business websites. Even better, some were downright JAZZED about some of my Facebook/blogging/general social media suggestions. And on top of it, I got to spend time painting pottery, making fused glass and listening to presentations about how to make a business more successful. Granted, the businesses they were referring to were pottery studios; but honestly, business is business. Almost everything still applies no matter what you're selling. Awesome!

I made this owl fused glass project while I was at the mini convention. Isn't it cute?! They were nice enough to fire it in the kiln before I left. So stinkin' cool! I'll probably go back to Salina to visit my cousins at their pottery store (On the Pot) in a week or two to pick up my pottery projects. SO EXCITED to see the finished products! And see my cousins, aunt and uncle. :) They are insanely nice people! I totally lucked out in that department, yo. *big waves because I know they're probably reading this*

- I have to talk more about the glass fusing thing. This project was INTIMIDATING. Here. Take these square sheets of glass and make an owl. Score the glass, break it along the score line, and stack it all up. Glass is breakable, y'all. And it can CUT you! But, with a few pointers, I was actually able to do it! I hate to compare my project to other folks, especially considering that those other folks have made tons and tons and TONS of glass projects before. My project wasn't the prettiest or most elaborate, but it still turned out pretty darn well! And Ella loves the owl so much that she's insisting that I hang it up in her room. :)

- Tomorrow is Cole's birthday. He's turning the big 1-1. He wants a Call of Duty zombie cake. Ummmm.... crap. Call of Duty? REALLY?! I hate the theme, but it's what he wants. And when it's your birthday, if it's at all humanly possible, you get what you want. So, I'm going to try. And all the while, I'm going to remember that I love that little man fiercely. You know... while I'm making blood and guts and zombies. Who knows? It might turn out to be super cool. We shall see.

- I've got a metric poop ton of work to do. I am soooo grateful for it. Truly. Just when I see business starting to slow down a little, a super cool client gives me a BIG honkin' project. God bless the Pratt Chamber of Commerce. I'm just sayin'.

- This is the part of my entry that makes me sad. Really sad. Crying sad. Macey has been talking about living with her dad in Illinois for many months now. She is absolutely convinced that it's what she wants to do. And even though it is insanely hard for me, this is just one of those times in which I feel that I need to let her start making her own decisions. Well, as long as they don't put her in danger or basically ruin her life. So, it's final.  She's decided to leave me Kansas. I'm trying not to take it personally. I'm trying not to worry about how she'll do all the way up in Illinois. I'm trying not to think AT ALL about the fact that when she leaves on May 30th, I won't see her until Christmas. I'm trying not to cry in front of her. But, this is hard, folks. Really, really stinkin' hard. Honestly, I'm just plain heartbroken. She'll be okay there. She'll probably even be happy. But will *I* be okay? I guess so. I hope so. We shall see.

Well, I'd better get back to work. And try to convince Ella that wearing clothes today is a good idea. Have a good day y'all!

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  1. It's okay to cry Jenny, at least that's what I keep telling myself. Just wish I could hug you. Love you!! Mom


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