Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday randomliciousness

This is the part where I ramble on about the little random details of what's up instead of doing a well composed post. I <3 random.

- Macey sang Adele's Rolling in the Deep no less than 6 times this morning. At the top of her lungs. With enthusiasm. And soul. She is GOOD. I know that it annoys the ever-livin' crap out of everyone else in the house, but I LOVE it. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. I only have 10 more days of listening to her sing until she leaves for her bio dad's house. I won't see her until Christmas. I can do this. Right?

- In case you have no idea who Adele is, here's the video. I adore Adele. I adore her music. I think that girl is probably one of the most talented singers on the radio today. <3

- Ella and I are attending a "getting to know you" type affair at her preschool this morning. I'm NERVOUS. I'm praying for good behavior, less bossy than usual and a teacher that thinks Ella is delightful instead of frustrating. *crossing my fingers*

- We were supposed to have a contractor come by the house yesterday afternoon to give us a quote on finishing our basement. He flaked out on us and was not at all apologetic. He seemed shocked that we didn't want to reschedule. If he's not inclined to make it to our very first meeting for no good reason at all, I seriously doubt that he would be inclined to finish our basement in a decent amount of time. NEXT!

- Carter went to Worlds of Fun yesterday with his school. It's a trip to reward students who have good grades, good behavior, and good citizenship. Thing is, he's normally an extremely cautious sort of kid, so I was worried he wouldn't/couldn't check his fear at the door and ride all the rides. We talked about it before he left, and I gave him three very important pieces of wisdom.

1. None of these rides will cause you harm as long as you follow the rules. It's safer than riding in a car. He will not die no matter how scary the rides look.
2. If he doesn't at least TRY the rides, he will forever regret it. He'll always wonder if that day would have been more fun if he'd just had the guts to get on a roller coaster with his friends. This particular trip is a one time deal. Grab life by the balls, my son.
3. Chicks dig guys who ride roller coasters.

HE DID IT. He rode the rides. He proudly announced that he LOVED the Patriot (apparently the coolest roller coaster in the park.) Never in my wildest dreams did I expect that kid to be a roller coaster lover, but he is. And I'm tickled pink about it.

Thank you God/Universe/Whoever for giving Carter the guts to give himself the gift of a good day, full of taking chances and pushing himself beyond his normal limits. THANK YOU.

Happy Friday, friends! *smooches and love*

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