Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Where I live... volume #1

I think a home says a lot about the people who live there. I know that when I'm stressed or upset, my house is usually an absolute TRAINWRECK. When I'm feeling good and positive and happy, my home reflects it. Lucky for me, I've been in the latter category as of late. YAY for that! I figured that taking a few picture might be nice... like an introduction to lil' ol' me.

*Disclaimer: I'm not a professional interior designer (obviously.) The pictures that you're going to see will be REAL pictures with REAL stuff like it REALLY is. I picked up a little, but I didn't do anything over the top like hide every cord in sight or stash my alarm clock. Real rooms, people. With crap under the bed. And my iPod plugged in. This is my real house, not some super styled room from HGTV. *ahem*

My first room? Our master bedroom. *swoon* It's my favorite room in the house. Truly. It is ridiculously me. I love it with every single molecule of my being. Take a look, pretty please. :)

Above, the photo is taken from the doorway. Can you tell that I adore high contrast? I think the curtains are my very favorite part. I <3 damask in a big, bad way. Those curtains aren't for everyone, but they make my heart beat a little bit faster. *Swoony McSwoonerson*

Here's a more direct photo of the curtains. Yes. I love them that much.

Above is a view from the other corner of the room. That doorway goes to our master bathroom. (It makes me feel fancy to have a bathroom separate from the kids. LOVE.)

As I pointed out, our loose change jar is AWESOME. I can actually reach in and get the dang change out of it! And please excuse the "Simplify" sign and didgeridoo leaning up against the dresser. I have no idea where to put them yet. Real, remember?

Even above the fabu curtains, this is my favorite thing in the room: a photo of Rhett when he was a wee little man. Enormous glasses and toothy gapped grins and  bowl haircuts. It's love, I tell you.

This is probably Rhett's favorite thing in the room... his Star Wars Storm Trooper mug.  I  Santa bought it for him for Christmas last year. It gave him huge, huge grins. Unfortunately, though, it's not really suitable for coffee consumption. So, it cuddles up his iPod and other miscellaneous cord crap.

And please don't give me any poo about the fake hydrangeas. I like 'em. A lot. And in my defense, I keep them very well dusted and clean. So be nice.

I bet that all left you ooooh-ing and aaaaaah-ing and thinking, "But Jenny, WHEN OH WHEN will you be posting more pictures of your spectacular house?!?!?!?!"

I say: soon-ish. I have to do some more cleaning first, though. I'm all for keepin' it real, but I'm not sure I can keep it THAT real. :)

Happy Tuesday, folks!


  1. Ha!! We have the SAME stormtrooper cup in our house! And you're right, it is not very drink-friendly. ;-)

    I love your bedroom!! And I extra love the flowers... I've been considering getting some for myself. I just love how hydrangea's look, and the silk ones are usually pretty realistic!

  2. What a great room! LOVE the curtains... and the words on the wall. So pretty!

  3. I adore your bedroom! So beautiful and cozy. And psst - I have a mix of real plants & fake flowers going on. Living in the north, fresh flowers in the winter just ain't right (aka the center of my dining room table) and I need some consistent bright color. And I think I'm gonna have to buy some fake succulents for my hex shelves next to the woodstove after having the fifth or sixth pair of plants kick the bucket. Long live faux plants! (btw... Jason bought me a fab silk flower spray from Michael's a month or two ago and they looked beautiful after I cleaned them, and still now.)


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