Friday, May 13, 2011


I guess I better tell y'all how the whole "herbs for depression and overall craziness" is going. I would love to tell you that it's going swimmingly. But, it would be a lie. And no one likes a liar, liar pants on fire.

Thing is, I'm a full 5 days in, and I've still got a headache. And this morning, the headache turned into a migraine. I finally broke down and took some Excedrin headache stuff (which I'm supposed to avoid because of the liver thing, but I was DESPERATE.) I'm feeling a little better since, but still have the migraine halo of yuck. Not as bad as a migraine, but a halo of headache that lingers. Oh well. Better than a skull crushing.

And because I am in complete denial about the neverending headache, I decided that this weekend would be a PERFECT time to get away with my husband for some adult time. The boys will be with bio mom. The girls and Sir Charles Baconpants will be with my mom and dad. Rhett and I will be free to do crazy things like go to the art museum (without quietly screaming, "DO NOT TOUCH THAT!!!!") And I think we'll be headed to a movie (without quietly screaming, "BE QUIET AND WATCH THE SCREEN!!!!") And we might even have a fancy dinner (without quietly screaming, "NO FARTING AND/OR BURPING AT THE FANCY DINNER TABLE!!!!") I have a feeling that it will be lovely. As long as I remember my Excedrin*. And Rhett remembers not to fart at the dinner table. If those things are in place, we'll be just fine. :)

* This post was NOT sponsored by Excedrin. However, if the Excedrin people would like to work something out, please feel free to convo me. I promise to leave out the part about possible liver damage. Mkay?

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