Thursday, May 12, 2011

Funny girl

Hmmm... how do you follow up crying gynecologists? I have no idea. So, I'm posting a few funnies, complements of Ella Bella Cinderella. There is so much funny lately, I could write an entire blog dedicated to her musings. Kinda like Sh*t My Dad Says , but with a preschooler and a lot less cursing.

Heard just moments ago:

Ella: "Hey, howdy hey, Lego Lady! I found your hairbrush. It was in my toooooooe."

She's talking about this lovely Lego lady:

Apparently, "girl" Lego sets now come with cool pink car parts and hair brushes. Awesome.

And, no, Ella's not wearing clothes. It's not even noon yet, for cripes sake. Have you read this blog before?


This morning, I came out of the bathroom, looking ROUGH. My hair is insane and my clothes don't match. And what does Ella say to lil' ol' me?

Ella: "Hello, gorgeous!"

I'm totally keeping her. If nothing else, for my self esteem.


Earlier today, I had to give Charlie, our LOUD and lovable-ish Dorkie, a little kennel time out for being incredibly naughty. Ella's take on it?

Ella: "That Charlie! He's got some serious issues. I think you need to take away his Playstation time."

Y'all, she's only 3. And the things that come out of her mouth. Oh. My. She needs a tv show. Or a blog. Or a book (Think No, David! )

Crap. Better go. Lego Lady just lost her head and it's "an EMERGENCY!"

Smooches and love,

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