Monday, May 9, 2011

Jumping in head first.

A while back, I came out of the anxiety and depression closet. I wrote about it here. I've tried SO. MANY. different kinds of meds. None of them have worked very well. And the side effects. UGH. After a while, I was starting to think that I'd never feel "normal" (whatever the heck that means.)

Shortly after that post, a good friend of mine introduced me to a certified herbalist that she trusts implicitly. Western medicine has largely failed me, so I was willing to try just about anything. Well, one 8-page form, a 2 hour phone call, and a couple of weeks later, I have herbs to take. They arrived today. Oh. My.

I have to admit that I'm really nervous about taking them. Will they make me sick? Will I see any difference? Could they actually... you know... work? I have absolutely no earthly idea. But, today, I'm jumping in head first. For better or worse, I'm trying something that I never thought I would. I'm giving it the good ol' college try. And I'm praying like crazy that this is the thing that makes me feel a little less broken and a heck of lot more whole.

*crossing my fingers and toes*

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  1. I believe in the power of herbs (and vitamin supplements). I notice that when I take certain things, I feel much better, such as calcium supplements during PMS. My only issue is that there are so many different pills to take, and if I could get what I want custom blended into 1 pill, I'd be more likely to continue taking things on a regular basis.

    Good luck with your herbs - I know you'll be fine!


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